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Went to sharm el sheikh, and was not impressed. Very Very touristy and no fun at all. Even to go to the beach you have to pay since the hotels own the beaches. You cant even get near it without having to pass through a company where you have to buy a beach chair in order to pass. :( No fun! I did go on a little safari into the desert on quads in sharm, which was fun. We got to eat berber food so I was very's delicious. I was having to tell all the other tourist what all the food was, and what it was made of hahaha. Then we got to star gaze with this awesome telescope. The stars look so different then in Nevada. I was laughing because they were all impressed with how many stars they could see, and in Nevada we can see even more and we have less light pollution! Score one for Nevada. 

Nuweiba was better it is very small and the beaches are almost deserted. It was really peaceful. We went with my friend Seif, who is a tour guide, to St. Catherine's Monastery in the middle of Sinai. You can see it on the map below. It sits below the highest peak in Sinai and just next to Mount Sinai where moses received the 10 commandments. It is the oldest monastery in the world dating back to 180 AD, and surrounds two holy sites. One is the burning bush and the other is the well that moses met his future wife Zipporah. It was so awesome to get to see both the bush and the well. 

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