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Realized I was convincing myself I didnt miss Greece in my last post. "so it's nice" "so it's really nice" etc.....haha kind of funny. Anyway I miss Greece A LOT! Budapest is nice though its fun to be back in a city where you can go shopping in a mall! The hostel is fun I really like everyone, and it is easy work just cleaning. I am going a little crazy, because the buildings block out most of the sky. So you feel kind of trapped and stir crazy, but I did find a huge park on an Island in the Danube so its bearable. I went to a holocaust museum (my first ever), and it was terrible (not in the terrible as in holocaust). I had a head ache half way through from reading in low light, and there was just pictures and paragraphs. Oh well. I did enjoy going to a medieval church. Its one of two in the city, and it was so beautiful inside. Very peaceful as well. 

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