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I left Alexandria :( Very sad to leave Egypt I have gotten so used to being there. I left Egypt and flew to Istanbul for 5 hours, then flew to Barcelona for the night, and then on to fez Morocco the next day! So not only did I visit 4 countries in 48 hours I also visited Africa twice, Europe once, and Asia! Istanbul is built on two continents Asia and Europe :) So cool! I had no sleep in the last 3 days I slept 14 hours when I got to morocco. Fez is beautiful I was not expecting so much green. I walked through the medina today and got to see the tanneries and the fabric shops. I am going to the jewish section tomorrow called the Mallah. Then maybe Volubilis a roman city the next day. So excited!
I may be riding in Ireland too! I am still figuring it out with the people but it appears it will work out. Then hopefully Edinburgh, Berlin, and Romania. 

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