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I finally made it to Budapest! After sitting in the Athens Airport for 20 hours I finally got on my plane and made it to Hungary. The hostel is nice, and for an hours work I get a free bed so it works out nice. Plus lots of interesting people form all over stay here so its nice. One of the owners and one of the staff are also American so its really nice. The owner is like a younger version of my dad which makes for fun debates in the hostel. 
I learned that Budapest is actually two cities (Buda and Pest). :) I have had fun hanging out with my friend Tiffany from nevada, and I have seen some pretty amazing architecture. Tomorrow I am having lunch with this old Hungarian who owns breweries in America and Japan. He decided I should marry his son, because he doesn't like his sons wife haha. It will be interesting we are going for traditional hungarian food. 
12/6/2011 06:00:10

Well, could you possibly upload photos of your impending wedding as stock? I suggest a steampunk themed wedding!

LOL I think it's funny that his dad said that.


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