Travel with Gretchen
1. Its Egypt
2. Seeing the pyramids... twice
3. Riding horses in the desert
4. Drinking tea made by Bedouins 
5. Causing a ruckus everywhere I go. (I almost caused a car accident)
6. Having Christmas in the middle east
7. seeing Egypt from tip to tip
8. Being fed by nubians on a fluka in the nile
9. Laughing while reading a book on ancient Egypt, because you actually have been to the places they mention lol
10. Dealing with a crazy landlord you tries to extort me (legal here btw) 
11. Crying inside king tuts tomb....who does that? this girl
12. Walking through Tahrir a lot
13. Being to the Egyptian museum 3 times
14. watching someone parallel park a donkey (priceless)
15. Not realizing the translation into english is wrong and getting strange looks >cancon=cancun bahaha
16. Laughing at the translations into english> toast that is toasted...Really? I didn't know toast was toasted
17.  Causing a roach holocaust
18. Saying "!Cucarachas!...!No, Me Gusta!" a lot 
19. Teaching Egyptians to speak spanglish "No, Me gusta El Job-o" 
20. Saying Arabic words really wrong
21. giggling at everything
22. Eating lots of egyptian food Yummy
23. Searching for jobs and wandering around fancy hotels
24. being able to say I have seen most of Egypts sites
25. watching the sun come up over Alexandria
26. Saying I have lived in Egypt

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