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I had a lot of fun in Morocco :) too bad Alex left before I got there! I went to Fez, and it was amazing <3 The medina was so cool...it was all winding streets, and no cars only donkeys :) Then I went to  chouen and Sefrou as well. Chouen is an all blue city it's so pretty...it was like a fairytale. Then went to sefrou on a whim with a kid from china. We squished into a car with 5 other people and drove an hour to meet this family the chinese kid had met. The family made us dinner, and we hung out walked around with the daughters....they were typical teenagers hahaha loved high school musical and boys. They did to Tae kwon do though. It was a fun night, and the mom gave me a dress that was made in sefrou :)

Check out my morocco video here (copy and paste the link)https://vimeo.com/40676155

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