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Some greek words I have learned (note they are not spelled right just phonetically)
  • Yah sahs/yah su = hello/good bye (yah su is informal)
  • neh= yes
  • pah rah kah lo= please (or to get attention)
  • ehf khahr ee stoh= thank you
  • see ghnoh mee= excuse me 
  • Gami= a lot of good ( for say something is wonderful)
  • loo loo thee= flower
  • Allego= horse
  • caca= poop (Allego caca haha)
  • Avreo= tomorrow (most used greek word)
  • kalimera= good morning
  • kalispara= good evening
  • kali nita= good night
  • ahng lee kah= english
  • panno= up
  • meaty= nose
  • tree loo= crazy
  • mateau= eyes

I can understand a little now but the words and sounds are difficult. It is fun though to try and say their words and them try to say english words. 

Hopefully in the next week I will be going to the islands Paros and Mykonos so look for pictures!

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